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British SUP Club Championship Rules

BSCC Rules - 2019

  1. Anyone paddling on an incorrect board for their category will be moved to the correct category if possible or will be disqualified
  2. Drafting is only permitted within gender and board class
  3. Leashes must be worn at all times
  4. Abuse towards officials or other participants, will result in disqualification and/or potential banning of attending future events
  5. All paddlers must provide correct information when completing the registration form. Any deliberate act to miss lead event organisers will result in the paddler being disqualified.
  6. If a paddler is unable to attend, the place maybe transferred to another paddler within the same club up until the registration data is locked (6th Sept). Club Captains must inform the Event Organisers via email to facilitate the change.
  7. Once registration is locked, no further changes will be allowed
  8. Organisers will not wait if paddlers are late – it is the paddlers responsibility to ensure they are on time
  9. Age categories will be based on the age of paddler before the 1st Jan 2019 and split into the following groups –
    1. U10
    2. U12
    3. U17
    4. 17 to 39
    5. 40 to 49
    6. 50 to 59
    7. 60+
  10. Junior racing is defined as U10, U12 and U17
  11. Junior racing will be split by gender and where required, will race separately
  12. Additional age groups maybe introduced based on ages and number of participants
  13. All juniors must race on junior boards defined as a board no longer than 10’6 in length
  14. In the situation where a junior (17 or under) wishes to race in 17 to 39 age group, they must contact the Event Organisers in advance to discuss. Any decision will be taken on a case by case basis based on the paddler’s ability and maturity. This MUST be done before entry details are locked down and the Event Organiser’s decision will be final.
  15. 14’ board category is defined as any board that is greater than 12’6 but no longer than 14’
  16. 12’6 board category is defined as any board that is 12’6 in length
  17. Any protests in regards unfair sportsmanlike conduct during the race must be raised to one of the Race Directors within 20mins of the finish of the race
  18. If there are less than 3 people in an age group, the organisers will merge the group with another age group and communicate the decision to those involved
  19. If a paddler is given a coloured bib, this must be handed back and crossed off the list otherwise a £10 charge may apply for missing bib numbers
  20. Use of drones not allowed
  21. All participants must adhere to Bray Lake Watersports terms and conditions
  22. Sprints – definition of the categories are below.
    1. Elite – Any paddler who is sponsored by a brand or podiumed in the overall categories at a national event. If in doubt please ask.
    2. Race – Any paddler taking part in the main race but does not fit into the above category
    3. Novice – Any paddler taking part in the novice 12’6 category
  23. Sprints – Boards
    1. Novices - paddlers taking part must use a 12’6 board
    2. Elite / Race – paddlers can use either a 12’6 or 14 board
  24. Sprints – In the situation where Event Organisers feel paddlers are in the incorrect category for the sprints, they will discuss with the Club Captains and take appropriate action.
  25. For Novices, the following events but not limited to, will be considered racing outside your club:
  1. Attending another SUP Club Series
  2. Attending any of the GB SUP National Series
  3. Head of the Dart
  4. Trent100
  5. Big Ben Challenge
  6. N1sco Series

These rules are designed to ensure a fair competition for all paddlers as well as ensuring safety on the water. If anyone has any queries regarding these rules, please