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British SUP Club Championships 2019

Due to the increase in popularity of SUP we have seen a big growth in the number of SUP Clubs appearing and wanting to attend the event. In order for us to allow more clubs to take part in the event we need to put some extra criteria in place and make some alterations to the registration process.

The aim of the BSCC has always been about bringing clubs together, to provide fun competitive racing. The aim of the British SUP Club Championships has always been to bring clubs together and for paddlers from all abilities to take part, rather than focusing on the elite.  We want to keep this ethos.

This pack contains all the details for interested Clubs in regards the changes we are making for the 2019 event along with details on the categories and format for this year.

Car parking has always been tight at Bray Lake Watersports however recent parking expansion does mean we will be able to increase the numbers to 250.

SUP Club Criteria

With the growing number of SUP Clubs appearing we would like to get as many clubs involved as possible however there is a logistics challenge regarding capacity.

To help enable more SUP Clubs to attend, the following rules will now be in place:

  • SUP Clubs will be restricted to of 20 paddlers
  • SUP Clubs will ideally need a min of 10 paddlers
  • Any SUP Club with less than 10 may be merged with another small SUP Club depending on discussion with the Event Organisers. This will be on a case by case basis.

With the growth of SUP Clubs, we feel the time is right to set a definition of what a SUP Club is.

A SUP Club is defined as a group of paddlers who meet on a regular basis, have official status (e.g. website, Facebook page) and have been running for at least 6 months. 


To help manage the interest from SUP Clubs and the places available, we will be moving away from a “first come first served” system and open registration form.

Instead, SUP Club Captains will need to express an interest of attendance along with the number of   places they would like.  Places will then be allocated to a club on a first come first served basis until the cutoff point.

It will then be up to the SUP Club Captains to decide which of their paddlers gets one of the places.   We will issue an online registration form to each of the Clubs which will be capped based on the number of places requested.

Clubs will have the ability to add paddlers to a waiting list and once registration has closed, any remaining places will be assigned out by the Event Organisers.

BSSC Rules

Time Line for the above is below:



Begin of May

Details on format, registration changes will be published and shared with Clubs

Monday 3rd June to Sunday 9th June

Club Captains to email to express their intention of attending along with how many places they would like (Max 20).   Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, based on emails received.

1st July Registration Open

26th July Registration Closes

Event Organisers will email an online registration form to each Club Captain which will be configured for each club, based on the number of places requested.  Each Club will have 4 weeks to fill the places before registration closes. Where a Clubs exceeds the number of requested paddlers they can have them added to a waiting list.   How each clubs allocated the places to their paddlers, is up to the individual clubs.

5th Aug

Any places not filled will be offered to those Clubs with paddlers on the waiting lists.   Conversations will also take place between Event Organisers and any clubs with less than 10 paddlers regarding the possibility of merging with another club. Merging is not mandatory.

6th Sept

Cut off point for changes to paddlers and categories  

We believe this change will make it fairer on all Clubs attending and will allow Clubs to compete more evenly against each other.

Races and Categories

Due to the continually evolving nature of SUP we have again felt the need to adjust the categories and races.

Race Detail Categories
Main Race 6 to 8 K course (mixture of distance and technical) All categories, with the exception of the Novice – 12’6 will do the same number of laps.   1. 14’ Hardboard split by age group and gender 2. 14’ Inflatable open age group, split by gender 3. 12’6 Hardboard open age group, split by gender 4.12’6 Inflatable open age group, split by gender 5. N1SCO One Design open age group, split by gender 6. Novice – 12’6 board*, open age group split by gender   *this is a mix of hardboard and inflatable
Novice Race This will be two possible three very short races covering different courses, similar to how the juniors is run. Novice* paddlers on boards under 12’  
Sprints** 100m straight sprint as per last year, with heats then a final   Three categories with a max of 3 people per gender from each SUP Club
  • Elite
  • Race
  • Novice
Dragon 200m straight line as per last year, with heats then a final Teams of 4 with paddlers from different categories
Team Relay 100m course with paddlers at both ends, same as last year Teams of 4 with paddlers from different categories
Frostie’s Fun Race Obstacle course to be completed on multiple boards Teams of 4 with paddlers from different categories

*Definition of a Novice is someone who has not raced outside their own club before – i.e. has not attended another Clubs races, any GBSUP events or other national SUP events.

**It will be up to the Club Captains to nominate for their club who will be participating in the sprints.  Names will needed to be provided before the cutoff point (date TBC).

Camping and Food

As with previous years, limited camping will be available again which can be booked via Bray Lake directly.  Please note that places are unlikely to be allocated until September.

As numbers are increasing we are also reviewing food options for the day and more information regarding this will come out in due course.


Why are we doing this?

There are a couple of reasons why we are making this change:

  1. Maintaining the current list of 20+ categories has become unmanageable and adds to the confusion for paddlers
  2. Lack of numbers for some categories meant they have not been able to run
  3. Cost – with 20+ categories and offering medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place does not come cheap. We have to make the event sustainable.

What if a SUP Club does not want to merge with another Club?

Depending on the numbers it may be possible for a small club to be standalone however this will be at the discretion of the Event Organisers.

What if I don’t belong to a SUP Club, can I attend?

Unfortunately this is not possible as the British SUP Club Championships is aimed at SUP Clubs rather than individual paddlers.  Our recommendation is to find a local SUP Club to join and encourage them to attend.

How will we know which SUP Club we are merging with?

Event Organisers will contact SUP Clubs with less than 10 paddlers and work with them to either increase numbers from their own club, or identify another SUP Club which is geographically close to them to merge with.