Bray Lake SUP Club - Windsor & Maidenhead

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Club Race Series



Online Registration - you will receive a DISCOUNT if you register in advance via our link


Register on Race Day - via a club or staff member with a clipboard or iPad in hand on the day. If you have to register on the day - Be prompt. Registration is from 09:00 on the day.


Briefing (10:00) - An overview of what will happen, such as 

  1. What type of course there is suitable to the conditions, what divisions and starting sequence are going to be used.
  2. Get on the water for the race - A flag maybe raised or whistle blown indicating the start of the starting sequence.
  3. Racing - The start sequence begins, with a sound signal start and counting down to the start of the next class start. You then get around the course as quickly as you can, for as many laps as were announced at the briefing. That’s it!
  4. Post race - As you go over the finish line you pat yourself on the back and share in the in post race experiences with your fellow paddlers.

We look forward to seeing you for the event.

To register online and receive your discount please click the event link below.

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